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The Doors

The Doors Walkthrough

  • Room 0 (J)
    *Click the dresser to walk forward
    *Open the bottom drawer (click a handle)
    *Get F Card
    *Turn left and click the left section of the radiator
    *Pick up the first piece of cube from the pipe
    *Turn left and face the painting
    *Click around the mid-right section of the floor where you'll see a small white paper
    *When the camera zooms to the floor get the first piece of the letter
    *Turn to the right and enter the door with the (t)

    Room 1 (t)
    *Click Jacket
    *Click sleeve until pocket is shown
    *Get the second piece of the letter from the pocket
    *Click the radiator
    *Get a pice of the cube from the bottom left section of the radiator
    *Turn to the right and click the fireplace
    *Click the bottom left section of the fireplace where you'll see the next piece of cube
    *Turn right and click the phone
    *Pick up the other cube piece sitting next to the phone (you should now have a box)
    *Turn right (angled view of couch) and click the 3rd cushion from the left and pick up e card
    *Turn right to face the jacket and radiator again
    *Drag the cube into the box holder next to the door
    *Click the door to enter Room 2

    Room 2 (S)
    *Click the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and get the medical profile
    *Click under the desk and get the 3rd piece of letter
    *Turn to the right and click the 3rd shelf from the bottom (the files on the left)
    *Click the Book to get the J card
    *Turn to the right and set the clock hand to 6:00 (The time on the medical sheet)
    *Click the lower section of the clock that opened and get another box
    *Turn to the right and click the lamp
    *Get the O card from under the lamp
    *Place the new box into the holder and enter Room 3

    Room 3 (F)
    *The room is upside down so theres not much to do yet
    *Turn in either direction twice and pick up the picture from the floor (or ceiling)
    *Click the door next to it to go back to Room O

    Room O (J)
    *Turn to the left and click the painting
    *Click the person in the painting to reveal and codebox
    *Enter the code 72273 and get the next box (if u look at the poloriod u found before it says "s-c-a-p-e". 72273 is what you would dial on a touch tone phone to enter "scape")
    *Turn to the left and enter the door with the F on it to go back to room 3

    Room 3 (F)
    *The room is now back to normal
    *Click underneath the dresser and place the new box in its holder (the door is now open but don't leave yet.)
    *Turn to the right and click the nightstand and get the 4th piece of letter
    *Click the bed then click the left side of the pillow and pick up the t card
    *Turn around and click dresser. This will bring you to room 4

    Room 4 (e)
    *Click the second shelf from the bottom on the right and get the S card
    *Turn twice to the left and click the open closet door on the right to close it
    *Click the second shelf from the bottom and pick of the open box (looks like a cross)

    *Now click the cross and drag the cards into each spot in this order:

    0 - J (blue)
    1 - t (green)
    2 - S (orange)
    3 - F (red)
    4 - e (purple)
    5 - O (grey)

    The cross should look like this:

    *The box will close and form a new box for you to put into the next hold to access room 5

    Room 5 (O)
    *Click the stairs
    *Click the top of the stairs
    *Click the door
    *Click the note on the door
    *Click the last piece of the letter in your inventory to put it together and read it
    *When you are done reading, click the letter and enjoy the ending

    Explanation of the cards:
    The order of the cards matches up with the order of the symbols on the doors you went through.

    Here's the sequence for the cards in the open box:
    0 - blue (foyer)
    1 - green (living room)
    2 - orange (office)
    3 - red (bedroom)
    4 - purple (kitchen)
    5 - the unknown door

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